About us

Our History

The Idea

Settefili Cashmere idea originated from Michele Pagliero experience and passion, he planned and started a small laboratory and workshop in Ferrara-Italy to design and produce, with highly specialized local weavers, top level Italian style knitwear.

The trade mark

Settefili Cashmere trade mark comes from the special meaning that number sette has for Michele:
Seven the project mentors.
Seven the steps to get to the finished product, starting from precious cashmere yarns.
Seven the colour shades of light that allow countless combinations of unique colours.
Seven was for ancients the equilibrium among numbers, a magic symbol linked to the moon cycle and to the nature of human being.

The enterprise

The enterprise is based on a strong team feeling that originated inside Cashmere Team, a working party that met to start Settefili Cashmere.

The Production

Settefili Cashmere production starts from precious Cashmere yarns, spun by long tradition spinning Companies. Experience and passion allow selecting, for every new project, the yarns that best fit and interpret the new model of knitwear to be produced. Production and choices: expert weavers manually create the precious knitwear using Swiss Dubied looms of the seventies, the chosen looms allow to produce top quality and, on request, unique pieces. All production steps are being checked, every single piece undergoes a strict quality control.

Settefili Cashmere idea, experience and passion led to a very active and dynamic small Company that grows year after year and transmits the Italian style luxury to the most exclusive Boutiques worldwide.

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